Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Breakfast Tacos

I like eggs. Do you like eggs? Normally I'm a sunny-side-up or over-easy kind of guy, but after being drawn in by Kenji's recent "Late Night Migas" video on YouTube (during a late night of my own) I felt compelled to make some breakfast tacos.

These boys were pretty simple to make: eggs, diced potato, and chorizo, scooped into a steamed tortilla. There's no need to go fancy on anything—they're breakfast tacos for chrissakes—but I did use some leftover homemade chorizo from the freezer. Normally you want ample fat in your ground meat when making sausage, but this stuff is a bit extreme. If I had to ballpark it I'd say it's 10% meat, 10% connective tissue, and the rest a mixture of pork fat and dried chilis. Not much meat to chew on, but it seasons an egg scramble pretty well.

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