Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wendy's Spicy Chipotle Sandwiches

Being completely upfront, I am a huge Wendy's fan. I think they have some of the juiciest, beefiest burgers in the game and their fries are nothing to squawk at. And let's not forget that little bit of heaven on Earth: the Frosty1. But just like Pixar has Cars 2, Wendy's has one huge failure: their value menu. While everything else is heads above the rest, their competition surpasses them with interesting offerings for under a dollar. So in an attempt to spice things up (fuck yes pun intended), Wendy's has introduced their new Spicy Chipotle Sandwiches.

So a quick run down on these new offerings. Wendy's has a cheeseburger with pepper jack cheese, chipotle sauce, and jalapeños for just $0.99. They also offer a crispy chicken sandwich with the same cheese, sauce, and jalapeños. The sandwiches are identical except for their protein.

The sauce is the real star of this show. It's incredibly creamy in texture; it literally has the mouth feel of heavy whipping cream. It packs very little punch in terms of spice but brings a very deep smokey flavor to the sandwiches. The jalapeños are the only thing providing real heat to the sandwiches but on each sandwich they only put 4. C'mon man. Pickled jalapeños are cheap, you think you could put more than 4 on the sandwich. They add the needed heat and a nice tanginess needed to cut through the fat of the sandwich. The cheese offers literally nothing, it's pretty much just american cheese. Not to mention the few times I tried these, the cheese remained an unmelted plastic like mass.

The sauce is good and the jalapeños are on point, so both of these are slam dunks right? Not quite. Just like a Slam Ball slam dunk competition, you have some people jumping over the hoop2. The chicken sandwich is incredible. The pressed chicken patty somehow stays moist and with the added sauce and jalapeños, truly shines as a very tasty value menu offering. The cheese genuinely adds nothing to this sandwich. The burger on the other hand needs the cheese for any semblance of moisture. The patty was bone dry and the sauce and jalapeños that made the chicken so good, grossly overpower the burger leaving you tasting nothing but sauce. They are both solid value menu options but if you can only get one, get the chicken.

  1. Don't ever look up what goes into a Frosy. It's like seeing scrapple being made.  
  2. Slam Ball is the greatest sport to never make it big. Try and watch this without smiling. First thing I do after the first billion, create the ultimate Slam Ball League. 

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